Casa Cardenas Construction

Home builder and contracting company based in Winslow and Fort Smith, AR . We specialize in new construction using top-quality materials and seasoned, well trained employees.

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Project Management, Site Planning, & Surveying

Project Management

Casa Cardenas provides professional project management, site planning, and surveying services to Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, and surrounding areas.

Project Management

At Casa Cardenas, our project management services provide assurance to the client of a well-run, problem free job site. Our team of experienced construction professionals provides cost control, scheduling coordination, quality control and timely execution of plans throughout the project. 

The client’s interest is represented throughout the project, from start to finish, ensuring schedule compliance, coordinating proper document control and optimizing the owner’s investment in the project.

Site Planning

Site layout planning is an important activity that involves identifying, sizing, and placing of temporary facilities within the boundaries of a construction site. Site Planning with Casa Cardenas guarantees the smooth and low-cost flow of materials, labor, and equipment within the site, in addition to satisfying various work constraints and safety requirements.


We specialize in topographical surveys, boundaries, construction layouts, subdivision design, title and boundary surveys, unit surveys, and provide dedicated mapping services.

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